A circular economy in the Netherlands by 2050

The Dutch cabinet launches a Government-wide programme for a Circular Economy

“To accelerate the transition to a circular economy, the government plans to draw up “transition agendas” in which the five following chains and sectors have the highest priority: biomass and food, plastics, manufacturing, construction, and consumer goods. The government will support these priority chains and sectors so that by 2050 they will only be using sustainably produced, renewable or generally available raw materials, and be generating as little residual waste as possible.” “Government will do everything she can to ensure that consumers, businesses and authorities handle their products with due care, also when they reach their end of life. In this way, end-of-life products and materials remain invaluable in our economy.”

“The Netherlands is on the brink of great changes as far as the circular economy is concerned. This not only means we will be facing challenges, it also offers significant and good opportunities for businesses and education, for instance. “

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Source: Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Fri, 23 September