STB solutions contributes to a sustainable economy by delivering sustainable technology and business solutions to clients and stakeholders across the value chain of industry.

Therefore STB solutions will:

  • advise and assist clients with new concepts, design and implementation.
  • connect value chain partners to optimize the interface and co-create new solutions.
  • collaborate with research organizations and technology suppliers to find the best solutions.
  • venture with investors and contractors to realize and deliver solutions.
  • share our knowledge with clients, partners and community.

STB solutions believes that cooperation is key in finding the right solutions. Together we optimize the use of resources and energy across the value chain of industry, improve business results, add value for customers and contribute to a better world for future generations.

Selection of Clients & Key Partners

Technology Consultant / Director: Taco Boerstra MSc ME

STB solutions is founded by Taco Boerstra. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Delft University of Technology and has more than 20 years of experience in consultancy, engineering, project management and implementation of technology in process industry.

STB solutions enables him to do what he likes most: delivering sustainable technology and business solutions together with partners to improve results and add value to industrial clients and stakeholders.

taco.boerstra@stbsolutions.nl or +31 646 751 205. For more information see LinkedIn

Projects Director/Manager: Auke Bosscher MSc ME

Since graduating as Mechanical Engineer Auke Bosscher has been involved in industrial capital investment projects. Having worked in both engineering firms and for plant owners he has extensive experience in project execution, ranging from the preparation of business cases upto and including management of commissioning.

Within STB Solutions Auke provides the project management expertise with focus on completion within the defined targets of sustainability, time, cost and functionality.

auke.bosscher@stbsolutions.nl or +31 6 4009 3044. For more information see LinkedIn


Process Safety Consultant: Hans Luijkx BSc CE

Hans Luijkx has a wide experience in process engineering, especially in the field of process and fire safety. He graduated as Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Avans University of Applied Sciences and studied Safety for Technologists at the University of Utrecht. He worked in operations, process engineering, process control, process safety and as a fire service commander for the fire brigade.

His passion is to improve start-ups and safe operation of process plants by sharing his knowledge and experience in studies, like pre start up safety reviews, desk top safety reviews, chairing HAZOPs and safety audits.

hans.luijkx@stbsolutions.nl or +31 649 354 201. 

Business Process Consultant: André van der Werff BSc ME, MBm

André van der Werff graduated as Mechanical Engineer and Master of Business Management. While being employed at multinationals he gained a wide experience within production, project management, supply chain and sales management within the food & beverage industry, chemical industry and service organisations for the petrochemical industry. From 2007 onwards he specialized in Management buy-outs, Start-up’s and Bringing innovations to the market.

During his 30+ years career he acquired in-depth knowledge of Production Facilities (mixing, in-line dosing, filling, labelling, packing, palletizing, warehousing and tank storage)

Currently he combines his work as consultant with managing his company in sustainable Bio-products and innovations.

andre.van.der.werff@stbsolutions.nl or +31 653 734 143. For more information see LinkedIn

Innovation & start-up Consultant: Michiel de Groot MSc CE

Michiel de Groot holds a Master degree in Chemical Engineering of Delft University. He brings 30 years of experience in the field of process engineering, process safety, running operational plants, commissioning and start-up. The last few years Michiel was active in the development of a PET depolymerization start-up to bring the pilot into a small industrial scale capacity.

His ambition is to bring sustainable developments into real live and help customers overcome the challenges that come with innovation and scale-up.

michiel.de.groot@stbsolutions.nl or +31 648 692 615. For more information see LinkedIn

Process Innovation Consultant: Erik Frikkee MSc ME

Erik Frikkee has a wide experience in optimizing business processes, especially in the field of logistics, electronics assembly and engineering. He graduated as Mechanical Engineer at Delft University of Technology and studied Change Management at Nyenrode Business University. He brings 24 years of experience in engineering, consultancy, and project management.

His drive is finding innovative solutions for companies that result in the best possible combination of process, people, logistics and technology.

Currently he combines his work as Consultant with a position as Lecturer at Delft University of Technology.

erik.frikkee@stbsolutions.nl or +31 638 903 787. For more information see LinkedIn

Project/Engineering Manager: Erik Gaastra BSc CE

With a solution oriented technical/commercial management style Erik has a Helicopter view and can work as Interlocutor at any level with ample work experience from operator to chemical engineer up to management level.

His knowledge is in various (sustainable) energy and water technologies as well as process industry.

Within STB Solutions Erik is the innovative project/engineering manager with process knowledge and focus on a pragmatic realization of process installations.

erik.gaastra@stbsolutions.nl or +31 6 1552 8114. For more information see LinkedIn