De-risking Start-ups & Scale-ups


From idea to a mature market solution


Only few ideas are developed in to mature market solutions. It is always a balance between the market requirements, the technology and the financial means to get there. With our experience we can de-risk the realization of a process from idea to 1st Generation.



Especially developing new sustainable technology in the process industry requires clever planning since the timeline from idea to a mature market solution is a long road.


Each step requires different capabilities of an organization. Not only in technology development, but also in business planning, operations, IP protection and financing.


Many times, this is only possible by cooperation, partnering and taking the right shareholders and stakeholders on board along the way.


What we do


STB solutions has experience in all steps from idea to 1st generation production, by going through all steps as shareholder and/or by assisting/supporting start-up/scale-up teams in various steps.



Reference projects from start-up to 1st Generation



Intellectual Property


Patent application for Mobile RTO


Checking on any infringements during the development of a new 1st Generation solution and transforming the idea into a patent.

Pilot Plant development


Instant Hydrogen release


Assisting a start-up to develop a pilot plant for instant hydrogen release from a safe and fully circular hydrogen carrier.

Pilot Plant development and start-up


Clean ingredients for climate-friendly food


Manage the realization and start-up of a pilot plant that uses clean and renewable carbon and energy sources to create ingredients for a more sustainable food system.

Demo Plant site preparation


Porous carbon additives for  batteries


Implement a demonstration plant on a test site to create high-performance carbon additive, allowing to actively optimize the electrode porosity in Li-ion batteries.

Demo Plant development and start-up


Circular PET


Development and start-up of a demonstration plant to transforms all types and colors of PET waste into valuable resources for ‘virgin- quality’ new PET.

Demo Plant commisioning and start-up


Rubber Pyrolysis


Commissioning, start-up and trial runs of a demonstration pyrolysis plant, creating valuable circular recourses such as carbon black and pyrolysis oil from waste tires.

Preparation for 1st Generation


Technology Licensing


Support to Technology Licensing  for 1st Generation commercial plants worldwide based on knowledge and knowhow retrieve from demonstration plant.

Managing the realization of a test plant


Test plant for (hydrogen) burners


Development of a test plant for industrial burners. The test plant is used to test new burners for gas mixtures with high hydrogen content.

From Idea to 1st Generation


Mobile RTO / Emission Control


Design, Build and Operate a mobile Degasser installation to treat any VOC vapors from a containment or process, based on Regenerative Thermal Oxidation from Idea to 1st Generation.