Managing towards Sustainable Production


Improving your business


We can assist you in translating your business objectives in sustainable technology and business solutions and manage the implementation.


What we do


Together with your experts and our knowledge partners we investigate the technical and economical feasibility of new sustainable concepts and translate this into designs ready for implementation.


With experienced professionals in project management, we assist you with the implementation of sustainable projects in close cooperation with all stakeholders.


Reference projects from Feasibility study to Business Solutions



Feasibility study


Feedstock optimization


Creating logistical solutions to optimize feedstock supply for solids dosing of several receipt materials into the core process.

Concept design


Chemical drum filling line


Creating a conceptual design to increase capacity of the drum filling lines for chemical products.

Engineering Management


Biogas upgrading system


Managing the design of a system converting solid waste products from wastewater treatment plants to renewable gas with Natural Gas specification.

Process safety consultancy




Practical and save implementation by leading HAZIDs, HAZOPs and Pre Start-up Safety Reviews for Clients in Process Industry.

Project Management


Reconstruction of a compost after treatment plant


Managing the reconstruction of a compost after treatment plant with increased capacity and product quality.

Business solution


Temporary VOC emission treatment system of bio-refinery


Designing and implementing a temporary VOC treatment system to limit the emissions of a bio-refinery with a rental solution to bridge the time until implementation of a permanent solution.