Are you looking for an experienced Project Manager or Engineering Manager for a few days per week, I can help you out.


With nearly 20 years experience in the (petro-)chemical industry, tank storage or energy sector at all sides of the table (engineering company, asset owner or contractor), you can count on a professional approach for your project.

I have a chemical engineering background added with a specialism on digestion techniques. 

If you are interested, please contact me at or +31 6 1552 8114

Fr, 31 March

We are very happy to announce that Michiel de Groot has joint STB solutions, bringing more than 30 years of experience in the field of process engineering, process safety, running operational plants, commissioning and start-up.


The last few years Michiel assisted a start-up company in scaling-up their depolymerization pilot batch plant to a continuous demonstration plant. Recently Michiel is starting up and optimizing the Pyro One pyrolysis plant with an experienced start-up and production team of Plant One Rotterdam BV.



His ambition is to bring sustainable developments into real life and help customers overcome the challenges that come with innovation and scale-up. or +31 648 692 615. For more information see LinkedIn

Tu, 1 March

Thu, 18 February

In line with our mission to contribute to a sustainable economy we decided to support Follow This.

The oil industry can make or break the Paris climate agreement. That’s why we bought shares in Shell, Total and BP via Follow This, a movement of green shareholders. As owners we have the power to change oil companies from within. Follow This unites progressive investors and activist shareholders to support oil and gas firms to set concrete targets for cutting carbon emissions. It is time for Big Oil to go green. Business as usual is over.

Find out more about Follow This

Sat, 16 January

5 years ago STB solutions was founded with the mission to devellop Sustainable Technology & Business solutions. We are proud that we have been able to contribute to several innovative initiatieves in close cooperation with our clients and partners. We look forward to work together on many new initiatives and contribute to a better world for future generations.

Thu, 31 December

STB solutions manages the reconstruction of the compost after treatment plant located at Attero in Wijster, The Netherlands. The plant burnt down in 2018, and Attero has taken up on the challenge to rebuild with increased capacity and product quality.

STB solutions’ project manager has been added to Attero’s project team for preparation of the project budget and the project timeschedule. Based on these studies Attero’s board gave the go ahead for the project. Project execution, led by the STB project manager, is in full swing and completion is scheduled in July 2020. After 4 weeks of trial operations the plant will be handed over to the production department in august 2020. Currently, possible delays because of the COVID-19 crisis have been mitigated in close cooperation with contractors and suppliers.

For more information or +31 6 4009 3044

Fri, 01 May

In 2019 STB solutions BV stepped up to the next level and focused on highly innovative and sustainable project at clients such as Plant One Rotterdam, Attero and Triple D. We appreciate the pragmatic approach of our Clients. “Don’t just talk about it, do it”

For example, we managed this year on behalf of Triple D the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of their first Mobile Degasser in only 9 Months.

We are happy to see that many innovative projects move forward to realization and will contribute to a more sustainable economy in the years to come.

For more information or +31 646 751 205

Fri, 20 December

Arkema, Conceptual Design and feasibility study

Arkema has selected STB solutions to study its drum filling operations with the aim of defining solutions to increase production capacity and reduce operational cost. To this end, the process and operations have been analyzed and the results translated into several options. These Conceptual Designs have been evaluated for feasibility.

The most promising concepts have been developed in a team effort, combining the inhouse knowledge and experience of key personnel with expertise and know-how of supply chain partners.

Today, Arkema is one of the world leaders in thiochemicals, combining innovation, service and a close relationship with its customers. The focus on thiochemical activities is based on high growth world markets such as animal nutrition, oil and gas, agrochemicals and specialty intermediates.

If you would like to know more, please contact Taco Boerstra

DMT Environmental Technology, design of Biogas Upgrading Plant

In May 2018, DMT won the project for the design of a large Biogas Upgrading Plant to be built in Amsterdam. Next to the upgrading system, the project scope included biogas transport pipelines, civil works for the upgrading plant, an electrical power supply system and all permits. STB project management has been responsible for the concept and basic design, from which tender packages have been developed for equipment suppliers, pipeline and civil contractors. In addition, all necessary permits have been obtained.

Creating a clear and prosperous future, DMT develops clean technology for biogas upgrading, resource recovery, gas desulphurization and water treatment.

If you would like to know more, Auke Bosscher is happy to answer your questions

Wed, 10 April

At DMT Environmental Technologies BV, a large player in the market for Biogas upgrading systems, the number of projects is increasing. We are proud to inform that Auke Bosscher, project manager at STB solutions, has been contracted by DMT to lead several projects involving DMT’s Carborex® and Sulfurex® Biogas upgrading systems.

These projects will contribute to a sustainable future by converting solid waste products from waste water treatment plants to renewable gas with Natural Gas (NG) specifications.

For more information see and

Wed, 03 October

Bringing innovations to the market and managing start-up’s is now at the core of STB solutions. With his experience and in-depth knowledge, André van der Werff adds a new entrepreneurial élan to our network organization. André started this year with business development activities for Clean Technology Systems Benelux.

Business Process Consultant: André van der Werff BSc ME, MBm

André van der Werff graduated as Mechanical Engineer and Master of Business Management. While being employed at multinationals he gained a wide experience within production, project management, supply chain and sales management within the food & beverage industry, chemical industry and service organisations for the petrochemical industry. From 2007 onwards he specialized in Management buy-outs, Start-up’s and Bringing innovations to the market.

During his 30+ years career he acquired in-depth knowledge of Production Facilities (mixing, in-line dosing, filling, labelling, packing, palletizing, warehousing and tank storage)

Currently he combines his work as consultant with managing his own company focussed on sustainable Bio-products and innovations. or +31 653 734 143. For more information see LinkedIn

Mon, 16 July

Auke Bosscher, with more than 20 years of project management experience has successfully completed PMI’s Institute PMP® examination.

The Project Management Professional (PMP)® is a truly global industry-recognized certification for project managers. Project Management Professionals speak and understand the global language of project management and are connected to a community of professionals, organizations and experts worldwide.

Within STB Solutions Auke provides the project management expertise with focus on completion within the defined targets of sustainability, time, cost and functionality. or +31 6 4009 3044.

Fri, 01 June

Transformation of industry to a circular economy requires the vision and expertise of many stakeholders to go from idea to implementation.

We believe that cooperation is the key to success in solving these complex challenges. Have an open mind and dare to work strategically together with your customers, suppliers, experts and local communities/authorities. Together we optimize the use of resources and energy across the value chain of industry.

STB Solutions and IntES (International Engineering Solutions) cooperate to deliver competitive design and sustainable solutions for small and medium sized projects in the (process) industry.

Step by step we can make the transformation happen, keeping in mind the impact to the master plan, business, health and safety. This improves business results, adds value to all stakeholders and contributes to a better world for future generations.

Fri, 27 April

STB solutions has recently extended her expertise with Process Safety Consultancy by participation of Hans Luijkx in our partner network. Hans started in 2018 by chairing a HAZOP for an innovative pilot plant at Plant One Rotterdam.

Process Safety Consultant: Hans Luijkx BSc CE

Hans Luijkx has a wide experience in process engineering, especially in the field of process and fire safety. He graduated as Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Avans University of Applied Sciences and studied Safety for Technologists at the University of Utrecht. He worked in operations, process engineering, process control, process safety and as a fire service commander for the fire brigade.

His passion is to improve start-ups and safe operation of process plants by sharing his knowledge and experience in studies, like pre start up safety reviews, desk top safety reviews, chairing HAZOPs and safety audits. For more information feel free to contact us.

Sat, 31 March

We are happy to announce that STB solutions can offer excellent project management services to industry with participation of Auke Bosscher. We decided to join forces and bring our knowledge and expertise to the market under the name STB solutions.

Projects Director: Auke Bosscher MSc ME

Since graduating as Mechanical Engineer Auke Bosscher has been involved in industrial capital investment projects. Having worked in both engineering firms and for plant owners he has extensive experience in project execution, ranging from the preparation of business cases up to and including management of commissioning. Auke has worked in all kinds of project organisations, amongst others as the Contractor’s projectmanager for EPC contracts, as Owner’s project manager and managing EPCM projects.

Within STB Solutions Auke provides the project management expertise with focus on completion within the defined targets of sustainability, time, cost and functionality. or +31 6 4009 3044. For more information see LinkedIn

Mon, 01 January

We are happy to announce that Frikkee Advies and STB solutions decided to join forces and bring their knowledge and expertise to the market under the name STB solutions. Since May 2016 Frikkee Advies and STB solutions work closely together, which proved a success for the Bostik project in Roosendaal.

For more information see STB solutions / Company

Tue, 29 August

With cars and trucks increasingly being banned from city centers, it is paramount that businesses have a clean, safe and easy way to transport their goods. By introducing the Cycletruck, Elain brings a custom made innovative and sustainable marketing solution on wheels.

Elian used his patented central steering hub and paired this with small wheels for a short wheel based bike and an intelligent, silent and easy to use e-bike system. The result? A much more stable, responsive ride. Far less jumpy and far more enjoyable.

STB solutions assisted Elian Cycles with a design review to optimize the constructability and ensure this bike is comfortable and strong.

Innovative products like the Cycletruck optimize the use of resources and energy across the value chain, improve business results, add value to customers and contribute to a better world for future generations. 

For more information see and


Tue, 22 August

At BAM complex and sustainable buildings are modelled to the last detail in a Building Information Model (BIM). BAM is a front runner in this field and contributing to circular use of the materials in the building.

However, this requires an integral approach of design and construction; another level of cooperation within the company. BAM Advies & Engineering has asked STB solutions to set-up the cooperation model for the design of the installations at the start of the construction phase in one of her projects.

STB solutions beliefs that cooperation is key to the success in solving complex challenges. To contribute in this way to the realization of a unique and sustainable building project very well fits in the mission of BAM and STB solutions.

For more information see:

Wed, 17 May

Participation in Clean Technology Systems Benelux enables STB solutions to provide sustainable technology and services in exhaust air purification and efficient process heat re-utilization.

Clean Technology Systems Benelux will be Dürr’s representative in The Netherlands and take an active role in service, spare parts & modernizations of existing exhaust air purification equipment as well as new equipment projects.

The exhaust air purification equipment is part of Dürr’s market division “Clean Technology Systems”, which includes also energy-efficiency technology such as industrial high temperature CO2 heat pumps and Organic Rankine Cycles.

For more information see 


Thu, 16 February

Today our society is facing the tremendous challenge to make our energy and feedstock consumption sustainable. At the same time we see that technological developments are ever increasing and that we are on the brink of the 4th industrial revolution. STB solutions beliefs that cooperation is key in finding the right answers to these complex challenges. This requires a future generation of engineers whose skills do not only include the best technological knowledge available but also the ability to cooperate with each other. It is great to contribute to this by helping students to work together in project teams on challenging design assignments at the 3mE faculty of the TU Delft.

For more information see article in Delta and the website with Projects of 2016

Wed, 16 November

The Dutch cabinet launches a Government-wide programme for a Circular Economy

“To accelerate the transition to a circular economy, the government plans to draw up “transition agendas” in which the five following chains and sectors have the highest priority: biomass and food, plastics, manufacturing, construction, and consumer goods. The government will support these priority chains and sectors so that by 2050 they will only be using sustainably produced, renewable or generally available raw materials, and be generating as little residual waste as possible.” “Government will do everything she can to ensure that consumers, businesses and authorities handle their products with due care, also when they reach their end of life. In this way, end-of-life products and materials remain invaluable in our economy.”

“The Netherlands is on the brink of great changes as far as the circular economy is concerned. This not only means we will be facing challenges, it also offers significant and good opportunities for businesses and education, for instance. “

More information:



Source: Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment

Fri, 23 September

STB solutions is pleased to announce that Bostik Nederland has signed an agreement with STB solutions to develop a new sustainable concept for the feedstock logistics. The concept will be developed for the production facility of Bostik Nederland in Roosendaal, but can be used as template for other plants of Bostik as well.

 “In developing new concepts it is essential to build on the experience of the production team and bring the right expertise at the table to create new ideas”, says Taco Boerstra, Director of STB solutions.

STB solutions will cooperate with Tebodin Netherlands for the solid handling expertise and Frikkee Advies for the Logistic concepts. 

Bostik develops, produces and sells worldwide a wide range of high-quality adhesives and sealants for professionals. The distinctive feature of Bostik is the company's innovative capability in combination with the demonstrable durability of its products. Bostik works as an independent operating company under the flag of Arkema.

Mon, 05 September

Since the summer of 2015 Plant One Rotterdam has seen a new impulse. As a result several companies decided recently to execute the up-scaling, construction and testing of their sustainable innovations at the premises of Plant One in Rotterdam. Since Plant One Rotterdam has an unique umbrella permit in place to test innovations, approval of authorities is based on validation of a notice only, instead of a lengthy permit application procedure. Together with the attractive facilities and services of Plant One Rotterdam it is possible to speed up the up-scaling and testing of innovations and reduce time to market.

The diversity of innovations constructed and tested next to each other requires the right management attention and project approach. STB solutions has extensive expertise and experience in management of innovative and complex projects and strengthens with this cooperation the services offered by Plant One Rotterdam. Realization of sustainable technology & business solutions by cooperation in the value chain of industry seamlessly fits in the mission of Plant One Rotterdam and STB solutions.

For more information see

Mon, 11 April

The macro-economic outlook published by TKI BBE / BE-BASIC and presented at the ECO-BIO2016 conference clearly shows that the Dutch Greenhouse gas emission targets for 2030 will not be met in any of the future scenarios with the present policy measures in place.

With these conclusions the macro-economic outlook confirms the Dutch Urgenda concern and consequent court ruling: government has to put more effort into reaching its sustainability targets and all available options are needed. This includes large scale deployment of renewable energy, carbon capture and storage as well as novel materials from biomass.

Bottom line, this will require substantial efforts from various sectors including banking, industry, logistics and governmental measures to reach the overall ambition.

Source: TKI BBE / BE-BASIC. Full article and report

Thu, 31 March

Will the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ lead to an acceleration
 of the extractive, ‘linear’ economy of today, or will it enable the transition towards a society in which value creation is increasingly decoupled from finite resource consumption?

A new report, Intelligent Assets: Unlocking the circular economy potential, which was released 8 Februari 2016 by the World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, finds that pairing circular economy principles with the information generated by intelligent devices creates a fertile ground for innovation that could enable this decoupling, and lead to broad social benefits.

Source: Ellen MacArthur Foundation. Full article and report

Mon, 08 February