Process Safety Consultancy

STB solutions has recently extended her expertise with Process Safety Consultancy by participation of Hans Luijkx in our partner network. Hans started in 2018 by chairing a HAZOP for an innovative pilot plant at Plant One Rotterdam.

Process Safety Consultant: Hans Luijkx BSc CE

Hans Luijkx has a wide experience in process engineering, especially in the field of process and fire safety. He graduated as Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Avans University of Applied Sciences and studied Safety for Technologists at the University of Utrecht. He worked in operations, process engineering, process control, process safety and as a fire service commander for the fire brigade.

His passion is to improve start-ups and safe operation of process plants by sharing his knowledge and experience in studies, like pre start up safety reviews, desk top safety reviews, chairing HAZOPs and safety audits. For more information feel free to contact us.

Sat, 31 March