STB solutions and Frikkee Advies join forces

We are happy to announce that Frikkee Advies and STB solutions decided to join forces and bring their knowledge and expertise to the market under the name STB solutions. Since May 2016 Frikkee Advies and STB solutions work closely together, which proved a success for the Bostik project in Roosendaal.

Process Innovation Consultant: Erik Frikkee MSc ME

Erik Frikkee has a wide experience in optimizing business processes, especially in the field of logistics, electronics assembly and engineering. He graduated as Mechanical Engineer at Delft University of Technology and studied Change Management at Nyenrode Business University. He brings 24 years of experience in engineering, consultancy, and project management. His drive is finding innovative solutions for companies that result in the best possible combination of process, people, logistics and technology.

Currently he combines his work as Consultant with a position as Lecturer at Delft University of Technology. or +31 638 903 787. For more information see LinkedIn

Technology Consultant / Director: Taco Boerstra MSc ME

STB solutions is founded by Taco Boerstra. He studied Mechanical Engineering at Delft University of Technology and has more than 20 years of experience in consultancy, engineering, project management and implementation of technology in process industry.

STB solutions enables him to do what he likes most: delivering sustainable technology and business solutions together with partners to improve results and add value to industrial clients and stakeholders. or +31 646 751 205. For more information see LinkedIn

Tue, 29 August